Cancel Your Draw Awesome Membership

IMPORTANT: Please read carefully before cancelling

This page is only for members who joined Draw Awesome BEFORE May 31st 2022. If you joined AFTER May 31st, please head back to the FAQs page for how to cancel.

When you submit the form below, it will automatically cancel your Draw Awesome membership with immediate effect. You won't be billed again but you'll lose immediate access to previous projects that have been released into your account.

If you want to keep these projects for future reference, you need to  download the video lessons and reference photos BEFORE you submit this form.

If your rebill date is very soon (i.e. tomorrow) and you haven't got time right now to download everything, please email us and we can work something out so you don't have to pay for another full month.

You can check your rebill date by clicking your avatar (head and shoulders button) and going to Settings and then Billing info

Refund Policy

If you are within 30-days of joining Draw Awesome and you haven't started any projects other than the first one, you can ask for a full refund. Please DON'T use the form below as that won't refund you. Instead, contact us here and ask for a refund (no need to give a reason but feedback is always helpful!).

Cancel Immediately

Please enter the email address associated with your Draw Awesome account:

By cancelling you acknowledge that you'll lose immediate access to Draw Awesome including previous projects and that you've downloaded anything you want to keep.