How to Access & Use the Private Groups


1. Joining a Private Group For Your Course

Draw Awesome and Sketch Awesome courses each have a private group where you can share your art, ask questions, and chat with other students.

The groups live within our art community website called

To get access to the private group, simply click the link in your Welcome email or on any lesson page within your course.

2. Posting Artwork To The Community        

The video below shows you how to post into the Draw Awesome groups from a desktop or laptop computer. See below for a demonstration of posting via the app using a mobile or tablet.

UPDATE: In the video below, you'll see several groups relating to Draw Awesome (one for Module A, one for Module B and so on). We've changed that so now there is only one group for Draw Awesome, making it easier to post your artwork.  


3. Using The Free ArtKula App      

The first video below shows you how to get and install the free app for ArtKula. The second video is a demo of me using the app to post my artwork into the private Draw Awesome community.

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