101* Ideas for Your Sketchbook

FREE Guide for Artists of All Abilities


Do you ever get "artist's block" where you're just not sure what to draw, paint or sketch next? Or waste hours searching for inspiration when you'd rather spend that time with a pencil, pen or brush in your hand?

This guide gives you hundreds of different topics, subjects and style ideas to spark your creativity quickly!

Here's what's inside:

Section 1 - Styles to Try: 5 different styles that are great for hobby artists to experiment with in their sketchbooks.

Section 2 - Subjects to Sketch: Over 200 subject-matter prompts, carefully catergorised for easy reference.

Section 3 - Prompts to Try: 4 lists of prompts to getting you thinking outside of the box!

Section 4 - The Sketching Challenge: A 10-part challenge based on detailed themes (take it over 10 days, 10 weeks of however you please!). 


Phil Davies
Senior Pencil Sharpener, Draw Awesome

* This guide originally started off as 101 ideas but quickly grew to over double that. I've left the title the same because it's catcher than 234!