Share Your Art & Get Support From a Big, Friendly Bunch of Like-Minded Amateur Artists!

We have two communities for artists - a large free community for artists of all abilities where any medium goes (painting, drawing, crafting, digital art), and a small private group just fro Draw Awesome members. See below for details.

Our Free Art Community

"Kula" is a Sanskrit word meaning community with an emphasis on supporting one another. With over 11,000 artists of all abilities, it's a great place to share the art (made with any medium) you make, and it's free and open to everyone.

Click the button below to join us or simply search for "ArtKula" in Google. 

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Draw Awesome Groups

Our Members-Only Community

Within ArtKula, we host a collection of private, members-only groups exclusively for students of Draw Awesome. They're a place where you can share your project artwork and meet other students on the same journey as you!

If you're a Draw Awesome student and not sure how to join the private community, please see this guide for help

Student Success Stories

Hear what existing and past students say about Draw Awesome and take a look at some of the artwork they've created along the way.

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