What Art Materials Do I Need For Draw Awesome?

The Draw Awesome projects broadly cover six drawing mediums:


  1. Graphite pencils
  2. Charcoal
  3. Ink pens
  4. Pastel Pencils
  5. Ink pens with watercolour
  6. Coloured pencils


These six mediums are introduced gradually so you don't need to have everything at the start. The only materials you need to begin with are those in Module A below. I'll send you a reminder a couple of weeks before each new Module so you have to time to gather what you need.

Will I Have To Spend a Fortune on Materials?

The cost of anything is obviously all relative. My wife can't believe I can spend $50 / £35 on a set of "pencil crayons"... and I can't believe she spends more than that every month on straw for her horse's bed (that's before feeding it, stabling it, vets bills, farrier bills and insurance!). As a hobby, art is cheap compared to most!

Even if you have to buy everything from scratch, these materials will last you many years and will produce hundreds of drawings!

I've also chosen materials that you will come back to again and again. They're not gimmicky - they're high-quality, time-served and extremely versatile. 👍

MODULE A            

Graphite Pencils

In Module A, we focus exclusively on graphite pencil drawing. To complete this Module, you will need:

MODULE B            


In Module B, we switch to charcoal drawing. For these projects, you'll need:

MODULE C            

Ink Pens

In Module C, we focus on drawing with ink pens and introduce some simple, monochrome watercolour washes. You will need: 

MODULE D             

Pastel Pencils

In Module D, we focus on pastel pencils. Here's what you'll need: 

MODULE E            

Ink Pens & Watercolour

In Module E, we'll be using inkpens with watercolour paint. You'll need:

MODULE F            

Coloured Pencils

In Module F, we focus on coloured pencils. You'll need:

Approx. Cost For Everything

Assuming you have to buy single every item, the total cost is around:

  • USD $185 plus shipping.
  • In the UK, the above cost around GBP £172 plus shipping at Amazon.

You do NOT need to buy these all in one go (you can buy them over four months). Collectively, these materials will produce 100s of pieces of art and they'll last even the most serious amateur artist many years.

If you're on a tight budget...

Then spending out on art materials and Draw Awesome is going to be hard to justify right now. If you can, just get a set of graphite pencils and a sketchbook, then email me at [email protected] and I'll suggest some free lessons on YouTube for you to look at.

If you just need help justifying the cost...

All the materials bought from scratch, plus a year at Draw Awesome costs around USD $530. Here are some comparisons to other hobbies:

  • The average football fan spends GBP £712 / USD $996 a year watching the sport.
  • The average cost of joining a golf club is around USD $1000 / GBP £900 a year. The cost of buying all the equipment can easily reach USD $1000 / GBP £1000.
  • A half-hour guitar or piano lesson typically costs around USD $25 / GBP £20 so at one per week that's USD $1250+ / GBP £1000+ per year. 
  • It's a similar cost of you have one personal training session a week.
  • 76% of artists spend over USD $500 on art materials every year. 57% spend over USD $1000 per year! The average crafter spends USD $60 a month on materials (USD $720 per year).

Module G & Beyond

In the final 5 modules, we'll be creating art projects using the materials listed above.

The only new item you'll need is for the final module (Module K) where we draw on grey toned paper.

I use a 9 x 12 inch drawing pad by Strathmore and Strathmore also make a very similar mixed media pad of grey paper. The mixed media pad is better at holding watercolour paint but is more expensive for the number of sheets you get. Either pad is fine or another brand of grey drawing paper. 


Download The Materials List

You can get everything above from Amazon (US or UK). If you prefer to shop locally, a well-stocked art store will have most, if not all, of the above. Just avoid general craft stores which have a more limited range of art supplies.

If you want to shop online but prefer to independent art retailers, here are some to try:


Blick: https://www.dickblick.com/

Cheap Joes: https://www.cheapjoes.com/

Jerry's Artsarama: https://www.jerrysartarama.com/

Michaels: https://www.michaels.com/


Cass Art: https://www.cassart.co.uk/

Great Art: https://www.greatart.co.uk/ 

Jacksons: https://www.jacksonsart.com/

Ken Bromely's: https://www.artsupplies.co.uk/


Download Printable List