How to Download Projects 

Please note that Draw Awesome projects are designed to be streamed online. It's much easier to stream the videos from the website than it is to download them because of the various devices and files sizes involved.

We can only offer limited technical help for downloading so if you're not comfortable with the technical side of things, you may want to get someone who can do this for you. 

1. Using a Desktop or Laptop


  • Beneath each video, you'll see a Download The Video link.
  • RIGHT click on this link and choose Save Link As or Save File As or Save Linked File (it will be worded slightly differently depending on your web browser). 
  • You can then rename the file and save it to a suitable location on your computer. If you have lots of projects to download, it's best to save them to an external hard drive.

2. Using An iPhone or iPad


Please Note: It is possible to save projects videos using an iPad or iPhone but you'll need to have an iCloud account set up. You should also be quite technically comfortable as it's not as straight forward as saving files to a computer. 

We can't offer technical support for iCloud unfortunately (because it's an Apple product) and bear in mind that you may have to pay a small monthly fee to Apple if you have a lot of files to store.  

Assuming you have an iCloud account and you're comfortable with the technical side of things, here's what to do...

  • Sign in to your Draw Awesome account from the Safari browser app. You need to use Safari as other browsers like Google Chrome won't give you the option to download. 
  • Beneath each video (at the bottom of the page), you'll see a Download The Video link.
  • Tap and hold on the link and a menu will pop up.
  • Tap on Download Linked File from the menu.
  • This should save the file to the Downloads folder in your iCloud Drive (which you can access from the Files app on your iPhone or iPad). Most iPhones and iPads are set up to save files to this location but it might be worth checking first...
  • To check where Safari files are saved to on your device, open the Settings app and then scroll down to find Safari. Tap to open and scroll down until you find Downloads. This should be set to iCloud.
  • Finally, you may want to create an extra folder in your iCloud just for Draw Awesome, and then subfolders for each project. You'd then move the downloads into the appropriate folder, renaming the file if needed.


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