Charcoal Pencils for Beginners

Charcoal Pencils for Beginners - Simple Still Life

charcoal free lessons Mar 11, 2024

Join me in this full charcoal pencils tutorial designed with newcomers in mind. This is a full step-by-step lesson so download the reference photos below, check the materials list, and follow along!

See beneath the video for materials and reference photos.



Materials You'll Need

  • Dark/black charcoal pencil (best to have a couple to work between).
  • White charcoal pencil. - Any mid-toned drawing paper (I use a mid-grey drawing paper by Strathmore so it doesn't t have to be pastel paper). A tan colour would work well too.
  • Paper bending stump.
  • Craft knife and sanding block (or piece of sandpaper) to sharpen pencils.
  • I mention a photo editor in the video for those who don't have a Mac, iPad or photo software. Go here:

Reference Photos

Download reference photo
Download high-contrast reference photo
Download my finished artwork

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