The Enveloping Method

How to Use The Enveloping Method for Better Proportions

charcoal drawing tips free lessons Mar 18, 2022

The enveloping method helps you to draw proportions more accurately and is often used in figure drawing. In this lesson, I take you through a drawing of a simple figure using a white charcoal pencil on a black piece of paper.

However, you can follow the first half of the lesson (the envelope technique) using any materials you like - such as a regular graphite pencil.



Materials List

Pencil: I use a white charcoal pencil by Faber Castell but and brand will do and you can follow the first half of the lesson (enveloping method) with a regular graphite pencil.

Paper: Any dark drawing paper but again you can follow the enveloping technique with a plain piece of sketching paper.

Other: An eraser and a blade/sand paper for sharpening your charcoal pencil. *** Reference Material

Reference Photos

Reference Photo: Download

Phil's Final Drawing: Download

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