The Sketch Awesome Sketching Journal

The Sketch Awesome Sketching Journal is designed for both wet and dry media. The paper is heavy enough to take light washes of watercolour with the other side still being usable.

The surface texture is also not so rough that working in pencil and pen becomes unpleasant!

Whilst most pads with paper this weight are glued together, Sketch Awesome Sketching Journals are designed to stand the test of time with heavy-duty stitching holding the pages in place... the only option with the Sketch Awesome philosophy of "never tear a page out of your sketchbook!". 


  • 19 x 19cm (7.5 x 7.5 inches) square format
  • 26 sheets (52 pages)
  • High-quality, 270gsm, acid-free mixed media paper
  • Thread-sewn and hard-backed for maximum durability
  • Page marker ribbon
  • Additional end-papers for protection made from 150gsm drawing paper
  • Free worldwide shipping

You DON'T have to purchase Sketch Awesome journals to follow along with Sketch Awesome. There are other options on the market or you can even make your own!

If you would like to follow along with a Sketch Awesome Sketching Journal, you can purchase a twin pack below...

Currently Unavailable 

Sketching journals will be available during the next intake for Sketch Awesome.